Kinda New In: Nike Air "Air Force"

excuse my face it's 1.30am haha time for bed!

I got these Nike's in a Kid's Foot Locker in America about 4 years ago, my style was A LOT different back then, it had a I think "i'm a ganstaarudegyalinnyt" vibe to it, so I styled them in that way, although I LOVED them (I got them for $50) only managed to wear them out 4 times before I decided they wouldn't work with my new found style (I don't know what phase I was in by now!) and retired them to the loft. On my recent trip back home I found them again and thought of a boy I saw in my uni wearing some Air Max 1's with an outfit that they, "conventionally shouldn't be paired with" but he looked amazing in my opinion and I took inspiration from him dusted them off and hauled them back to uni with me! I've learnt that even if your personal style changes maybe you can rework some of your old clothes or shoes into your new wardrobe, saves money and it's a challenge!

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