New In: Mini Backpack

Hey Everyone!

Went to town today with some of my flatmates and after much deliberation and excuse making I ended up getting this jade coloured frosted plastic mini backpack.

It was all by itself on the "last chance to buy" shelf and I just had to get it!  It is nothing AT ALL like what I'd usually buy, but I really love the colour and the fact it was made from frosted plastic.  It is quite small for the price (£22.50 - I know I should be ashamed, my mum is going to be like "for that, are you okay?") but it would carry everything I'd need for a day out and it doesn't feel heavy or bulky, and it's so cute!  I think in Summer it'll be cool to have for days out or to pair with my Nikes or just to add a pop of colour to my outfits all seasons, I'll play around with it and keep you posted :)

Also I'm going to be away on holiday for a week so I probably won't post until the 20/21st :( but I'll be back with pictures from my holiday, outfits etc and I'll be thinking of new things to do with my blog while I'm away!

Take Care! x

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