Varsity Blues

Hey guys, quick outfit post today!   I just had a regular day at uni today 11am - 5pm so wanted to be comfortable and warm.  I started off with just the jumper but I really thought something denim wash would work well with the green and yellow, I tried a denim jacket but it didn't sit well so I put my Topman dark wash denim shirt underneath instead and added my bobble hat because the weather was looking a bit risky (good old British Spring!)  Decked out in Topman today, if I was at home my parents would definately comment, they don't share my love for men's clothes!

Jumper - Vintage

Denim Shirt - Topman

Hat - Topman

Curb bracelet - Topman

Threw on my Casio, Converses and curb bracelet and was off to lectures!

Deal or No Deal in the background woop I think she had just discovered the £250,000 (sad times)

Hope you all had a great day!

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