a week in photos

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been away, I had to go back home and uni has been kind of hectic with tests coming up, assessments and group projects (cries) but that week is now over and I thought I'd do a week in photos for you, just a random collection of things I bought or got up to in the week, hope you like!

New pj's Primark (Men's) Tee / My lover and friend / New Topman bracelet / Cute note I found at uni / My bulk uni cooking, chicken korma / Nighttime chillin' with new notebook / Lunch - Mojito and burger / New Topshop Necklace / Models Own "Snow White" / Packing for home / My beloved bus / The flowers I surprised my mum with on her birthday / Church attire / Bus cruisin' / snow / excited walk to the hairdresser / Food = happiness / Mountain of rice = heaven.

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