Blow My High

Hey everyone!

Lightning quick post for you, I had a group presentation today and had to dress smart casual for it so I thought I'd show you my take on it as I haven't really posted any smart outfits on here, I wore this with black skinnies and converses to keep it casual and comfortable.

Shirt (sleeveless) - Urban Outfitters

Blazer (Blue) - Zara

Headband (worn as necklace) - Miss Selfridge

Leigh Skinny Jeans - Topshop

Converses - Office (Kids)

Changed the blazer for a denim jacket (my mum's one I stole/ begged  for) for the rest of my lectures (3 hours - sad times) and that was it!

I'm off to the library soon, it's 24 hour opening now and I'm hoping it'll be empty and I can get started on some essays, I love working at night and chilling to music, I think The Weeknd will be featuring heavily in my work sesh tonight particularly, "Echoes of Silence".  Have a listen below and see if you like:

Also I got the title of my post from a Kendrick Lamar song I LOVE from his Section 80 album, Have a listen and see what you think:


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