DIY: Snippin'

Hey everyone!

Bit of a different post today, a little DIY i did on the two white denim pieces i own.  They were very simple but I thought I'd take you through what i did and maybe you could get DIY-ing some of your clothes in time for Summer!

My mum bought me these white Topshop jeans quite a few years back for £40, i loved them, the fit, the colour and the quality of the denim, however i just stopped wearing them as i got older (teenage phases eh?)  I recently rediscovered them in perfect condition but still couldn't wear them because they were WAY too long, the type of denim used to make the jean favoured what Topshop now call their Baxter jean, so a standard grade thick jean and this made it difficult for me to roll as i do with my Leigh's.  I am determined however to wear them again and decided this morning to take a pair of scissors, a ruler, a pencil, close my eyes, grit my teeth and get cutting, and here's how it went!

I started off by putting the jeans on (i've gained quite a bit of weight since i was 15 so this was easier said than done!) and marking where my ankle bone was using a standard pencil i found in my pencil case.

I used a ruler to draw a straight line from the mark i had drawn to the other end of the jean and i did this on each leg separately.

I then used a pair of kitchen scissors to cut along the line, i'd advise taking your time at this point just to get as straight a cut as you possibly can.

Et voila! My new cut-off white jeans, very simple and quick.  I kept the two denim scraps from the bottom of the jeans because i am thinking of dying them and i thought it would be good to have testers! 

Here's another DIY i did last year, my mum had some old GAP 3/4 length trousers she didn't want and i thought it would be cool to turn them into some fit and flare high waisted shorts.  I used the same method as above to cut off the excess denim and then turned bottoms up on each leg.  I placed fusible web (or bonding web, which melts to adhere the fabrics together) in between the hem i had created and the shorts then placed an iron on the hem for about 6 seconds.  I did this twice on each leg to get to my required length and that was it!

And that's all my DIY-ing for today, i don't know a great deal about the techniques involved when altering clothes but i'm hoping to learn more as the year goes on.  I'm going to tackle dying a few things next and i'll let you guys know how it goes, whether failure or success!

Altering clothes can be a great way of reviving your wardrobe and saving money.  It's great fun and there is really a sense of achievement when you've finished!  You could search charity stores for things to alter, raid your parents closets or take the plunge and go for one of your own items, whatever you do have fun with it and remember Carpe Diem! Seize the day!



  1. thank you for your comment!
    this is such a good idea i've got some old jeans i want to diy, might have to try the cut of jeans style!
    great post(:
    mantenso xx

    1. no problem!! ooo yeah try it! it's scary at first but once you start cutting it's fine :) but let me know how it goes! thank you for your comment! xx


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