Last Legs

Hey everyone, this is just a quick post to update you all on things.  I'm sorry I haven't done an outfit post for so long, my outfits have been so simple and boring recently, i've been so tired.  I've nearly finished with my first year of University, I go home on Sunday for Easter, come back for two weeks and then exams and I'm done and to be honest I'm exhausted!!  I'm excited to go home, see my family and be back in London again, it's where I'm happiest, it's my home. 

I haven't been able to take full outfit photos but here are a few snippets of things i've worn recently:

I've been tying this headscarf around my head for a few days now, i can't even be bothered to do my hair nowadays haha and this is my way of being lazy but still adding a little colour to my lazy-day outfits!

I've spent hours in the library at university recently, i always go in my pyjamas so i'm comfortable. Uni life is not easy, at.all.

fed up

 So that's it for now, i'm hoping to blog in better locations when I get home, and I hope you are all well!

Also I went to watch this film with my little sister a while back and a song from it really spoke to me, it makes me so happy when i'm demotivated and fed up and maybe it could help you too, just remember you're almost there!

Almost There - The Princess and The Frog:

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