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Hey guys!

I really didn't do much today, just went to the library and ran a few errands so my outfit was really boring and simple, but I really felt like blogging so I thought I'd still share it with you, hope you don't mind!

The weather up North was pretty good today so I wanted to try and wear some colour and whipped out this top/ tunic I got last year in the Urban Outfitters online sale for £10.

Top - Urban Outfitters

Next added these shorts, I got these from a shop they have in England called "Internacionale."  It took me two years to find a pair of denim shorts that fit me (I'm a small girl with plump thighs, so they were always too long or wouldn't button up haha!)  Wandered into the shop one day after uni and found these in a size 12 for £10 and they fit!! Morale? Don't be afraid to check out shops you don't usually go to, you never know what you'll find!

Shorts - Internacionale

Added some woollen tights from Primark (I only wear woollen tights with shorts, they are so warm and they don't make my thighs itch and for £2 it's a great buy) and these boots I got in the same Urban Outfitters online sale I purchased the top, they cost me £10 down from £75 bargain!!! 

Boots - Urban Outfitters

That's all I did today! I went to Tesco after the library and got myself a chocolate gateau that I'm currently shovelling down my throat, I think I'll go back to the library in an hour and start on an essay, really want to get on top of my work!

Tesco Double Chocolate Gateau - £1.50 as we say down in London, Dun Kno :p!

P.S: Getting closer and closer to the end of my first year at Uni and I really CANNOT WAIT for Summer to begin! My post title is the name of a song that was the soundtrack to my 2009 Summer, I love it! Have a listen below:


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