9th April

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been so long, I have exams coming up and i've been swamped with work, off back to uni on Sunday for a month and then i'm done though so yay!  It was my birthday on the 9th of April!  I turned 19 and had a little gathering with some friends and thought i'd share some photos with you!

Here's what i wore, a beige button up sheer shirt from H&M i bought recently for £14.99, my denim shorts and woollen tights, nothing OTT i was just chilling in my house and wanted to be comfortable and over-eat!

My friends had this cake ordered for me, it's becoming a tradition now, it's a double chocolate gateau topped with profiteroles, it's chocolate overdose, exactly my type of cake!

I took a few shots of what my friends wore but because the lighting was so bad they weren't great, i did however get a few shots of my friends creepers, i'm LOVING them and we have the same socks!

I got a new camera for my birthday from my wonderful parents, i'm so grateful and lucky and I took these photos with it just now, my best friend (that bought me the cake) also got me this vintage frat jumper from Beyond Retro, i really love it, it is grey with wine symbols and white outlines, she knows me too well!

And finally, i got a lovely photo frame and a selection of bracelets and lovely cards. 

So that's it really, i'm 19 now! Now i'm just preparing for my final exams, looking forward to the Summer to continue blogging, developing STYLEBONY, improving my skills, eating and RELAXING!!

Hope you are all well!


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