Hey guys, this is a bit of a random post, i'm just sitting in my uni room thinking about this year and how surreal it has all been.  There have been struggles and hardship but i'm getting through it all with my beautiful family and friends and i'm just feeling pretty blessed and grateful at the moment.  Turning 19 has made me think about how far i've come as a person, i still have a long way to go but today i thought "hey i'm happy with myself" and that's something i haven't truthfully done before (i'm tearing up now haha) it's stressful, and hard at the moment but for some reason i feel good, excited for my future and just happy.  This time next month i'll be done with my first year of uni and i'm happy i made it past this first hurdle.  I think in life we hate uncertainty but i'm learning that uncertainty is the most exiciting thing about life, anything can happen, anything, who am i to tell myself i can't? i shouldn't? why can't our dreams come true? The uncertainty of life of course worries me at times, but lately it's been putting a spring in my step, i don't know what is round the corner, and it could be amazing!

So yeah reflecting a bit at the moment, and realising that uncertainty (in my own words i posted on my Tumblr in October) "is less a hindrance but an opportunity in disguise."

I've just been going to the library everyday, not been upto much but here are some random photos of what i've been wearing:

I think i look tall here (the excitement) i'm on tip toe though, i think growing is a myth for me now! 5 foot for life :) !
My best friend bought me this frat jumper for my birthday from Beyond Retro, I LOVE it she knows me and my style so well.  I added that neon orange Topman watch for a little colour and my Doc's.

My three friends there with me on the bed haha, i love them had them since i was 8, they had to come to uni with me!

I've been wearing my gold ear cuff a lot lately i posted about them in my "Private Party" post.

Left the library today early to go to the gym, i haven't been in ages and sometimes just having that hour to myself is great!  My friends always joke my camoi'm ready to fight someone!

So there we have that random post, thanks guys for reading, commenting, for following, it means a lot, my blog is just an example of something i told myself i couldn't do and wasn't i wrong! Stay Blessed and keep striving, you are beautiful, amazing, priceless and capable of anything and never forget that!


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  1. love your look


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