New In: Reebok Freestyle Hi's

Hey guys!

So my trusty Converses seem to be on their way out, they are getting worn and battered.  I've been on the hunt for a pair of all white hi top trainers, but being a size 2 and a half it's been hard.  I decided i wanted something different as i've had my Converse's for while and started researching trainers, i wanted them to have an old school style, with Velcro and be versatile like my Converses.  I ended up finding the Reebok Freestyle Hi's online and loved them!  I took a chance and went to the Sports Direct in my uni town and manged to find them in the sale, the very last pair and a size 3 and a half! Perfect!

Reebok Freestyle Hi

I think i'll be pairing them with jeans, maybe simple jersey dresses (if i ever get into wearing dresses) and shorts in the summer. I'm also thinking an all white outfit maybe a white shirt, white jeans or shorts and these Reebok's, with American Apparel Neon yellow nail polish, bit of sports luxe vibe?

The weather is too terrible to wear them now (British weather is a joke) but hopefully i can wear them soon!

That's all for now, i got another pair of Topshop dark wash Leigh jeans to replace the ones i had (they had ripped) and i don't think i'll be buying anything major until i get home for Summer, i've got the staples now, there's nothing else i need really!

Hope you are all well, are you looking forward to summer? Have you got any new things you are excited about?



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