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Hey guys!

So it's 1.38am at the moment and i've just come across a new artist i hadn't heard of before now.  Her name is Delilah and she is a British singer songwriter signed to Atlantic records.  I'm absolutely LOVING her sound, her voice is so distinctive, and her music has jazz, dubstep and soul influences, i'm so excited i've found out about her, i've already downloaded her mixtape and it's getting me through this revision!

Her live performances are mesmerizing!  I'll put some of her music below for you guys to check out and you can download her mixtape and find out about her here and check out her artist profile here:

Go (RAK Session):

Never Be Another:

Love You So:

I Can Feel You (RAK Session): 

and my current FAV "21":

Check out her newest single "Breathe" and don't forget to download her mixtape if you like!!  I'll be posting a "New In" and a general update tomorrow!


  1. i went to see her early this year i done a blog post on her before aswell, she was toooo goood.

    Abi XO

    1. oh wow! i bet she was amazing! i can't believe i've only just heard of her, def need to see her live soon! x

  2. Replies
    1. no problem :) im so glad i found out about her! I need to see her live soon!


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