DIY: Print Recycling

Hey guys!

Back with a DIY today! I've finished my exams now and i'm back in London for the Summer wooo!  When i was packing all my things back into my house i came across a little black zip bag that is meant for a laptop charger.  I knew i wanted to do something with it so i got this spare piece of native (Nigerian) material i had in my room and set about making a little clutch bag.  Here's how it went:

  • I started off with the bag and material, just laid the bag on top and folded the material over and aligned it just below the zip.

  • I then used a safety pin to fasten the material to the bag just to make sure it didn't move about.

  • Next i used a needle and thread and a few loophole stitches to fasten the material on one end of the zip.  I then followed the zip all the way to the end with a running stitch.

  • When that was done i flipped the bag over and folded the excess material over and fastened it down and each end with a few stitches just to keep it in place.

  • I left a bit of excess material at the side so i could finish it off when i was done and the bag would be completely covered then snipped away the excess.

  • I folded the rest of the material over so that the bag was completely covered and repeated the running stitch to the other end of the bag.  I then just tidied up all the excess material by holding it together and sewing it tight.

  • And that was it for my first attempt! It probably would've been easier with a sewing machine but i don't know how to use one (yet).  It is quite big and fits enough for a night out or quick outing and i'll probably feature it in an outfit post soon!


  1. Nice purse - You've inspired me to try and make a similar style myself.


    1. thank you very much :) ooo that's great! let me know how it goes!! can't wait to see it and your JC-esque boots on your blog! x

  2. i love the material i need to make this !

    1. thank you! Try it out! it was so easy, i just found the spare bit of material in the house, probably brought it back from Nigeria some time ago! let me know if you do, i'd love to see it! xx

  3. this is really cool x


    1. thank you very much :)! i think i'll be making more, i've had a lot of interest in it! thank you for commenting! xx


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