Diced Pineapples

Hey guys!

Sorry i've been gone, i tried and failed to get outfit posts done for you this week but today i was determined and with the help of my friend managed to get something together!  I'm hoping to get my tripod on Monday so i'll start trying to figure out how to work that! Today was another errand run day, i went to stock up on groceries and rushed back home to watch the UK edition of Cupcake Wars.  I wanted to wear a bit of colour today but didn't really know what to wear so i threw on my Primark bomber jacket and neon socks with my trusty Topshop Skinnies.

Topshop Leigh Skinny Jeans
Bomber Jacket - Primark
Bodysuit - Primark
Flatform Plimsolls - New Look


I haven't been wearing a lot of jewellery recently, but this little combo has been my fav, my Casio never fails me and i wear my little triple star bracelet everyday.

Here's what my friend Lisa wore, i was inspired by it so i thought i'd share, the denim jacket was her dad's and she finished the outfit off with a pair of white Converses.

I've discovered something amazing guys! I took a trip to ASDA and found these Original Source Shower Gels for only a pound! They smell so beautiful and i really like the branding of the product, somehow knowing the exact number of lime and mint leaves that have gone into my shower gel makes me feel a lot cooler!

Original Source Shower Gels - ASDA

That's all from me today everyone! I really hope you are all well!


P.S: Post title courtesy of Mr Rozay, Wale and Drizzy Drake, have a listen and see if you like:


  1. theres a UK edition of cupcake wars! on what channel?
    Love the look, the primark bomber is pretty.

    Lola x

    1. Thank you Lola! It's on the food channel! It's not done in the UK but it has British contestants, they did a jubilee version but i'm not sure if they'll continue doing it :) xx

  2. love the bomber and also love cupcake wars!

  3. Lovely outfit! I'm following and I hope you do the same :)


  4. Love your bomber jacket! I really want one like that! xx

    1. Thank you Ife! Bombers are all around this season have a look i hope you find one you like! xx

  5. I love your jeans and how they're folded at the bottom xxx

  6. That jacket is giving me life. :)
    Love your blog! Now following!

    -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

  7. I love the jacket! you both look great!

  8. love the jacket, and omg I really like original source mint it was so refreshing lol
    Olivia x

    1. Thank you Olivia! It is AMAZING i love it :') xo


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