Hey guys!!

So i've left the family nest and struck out on my own! I'm at uni again and it's feeling odd but great being here second time round! I've only been here for four days, and with two weeks still left until lectures i haven't been upto much apart from rushing around getting those little essentials your mum always has in bulk in the house like tissue and water!

I'm still yet to figure out how to get outfit posts done for you, so after a few failed attempts today i thought i'd just do a little room tour/update because there are a few cool bargains i think i've gotten that you may like for yourself! I'm not 100% finished with my room, i've only been here for a few days so this is just what i'm working with atm. Oh and i bought a new beauty product! So i'll share that with y'all too.

So onto my room! I really like it this year, i've been very lucky and i think the key with any uni/small room is to utilise space and make it your own.

All my bedding is from Primark! Check them out for cheap home stuff! There's a draw underneath the bed where i keep some clothes that don't fit in my wardrobe.

Here's my work space, not a lot of books here atm but that will all change soon! That little plaque is holographic and i bought it last year for the London theme in my room.

I bought this little plaque for £1 in Primark before i left, they also had 'Bath' and 'Soak' but i didn't get them thinking they'd be here *cries* they are easy to put up with blu tack and i'm hoping when i'm stressed i'll just look to my left and be reminded to relax ('hoping' being the key word there!)

I've been using my silicon notebook i mentioned in 'New In: Two Tone & Teddy Bears' to jot down all the things i need to get on shopping trips. I use the tarpaulin pouch to store all my electrical wires to keep my work space clear and uncluttered and it was £4.95 from Muji on Oxford Street.

A new addition to my music collection is Channel Orange, the stunning album from Frank Ocean, i listen to it at least 3 times a day and it'll be a revision staple no doubt!

I recycled the decorations i had last year and just stuck these little photos next to my bed, they were also from Primark (my room is a Primark advert basically!)

Here's my favorite part of my room atm, my makeshift dressing table.

My dad bought me these little battery operated lights from Ikea, they look amazing in the evening and can be placed anywhere!

Little table lights - Ikea

I found this little speaker in Poundland and i thought it would be great to put in my bathroom to attach to my iPod while i'm showering or getting ready so i can listen to music! The sound quality won't rival Dre Beats but it's pretty good and for a pound you can't go wrong really!

Stereo Speaker - Poundland (£1)

And real quick, before i bore you all, i got myself a new concealer! I decided to try the MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC50 and so far i'm loving it! It gives me a great natural coverage, i don't need to use a lot of it, it doesn't make me feel oily and the colour match is perfect!

MAC Studio Fix Concealer - NC50 (£14.50)

So that's all with me at the mo, i'm going to eat some pasta (at 1.55am) and watch Diners, Drive In's and Dives. Hope you are all well!


 P.S: Post title is a song from one of my favourite mixtapes ever, 'The Warm Up' by J.Cole:


  1. cute room!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Aww...very lovely room..nw i miss my unidays :(
    Nominated u for a liebester award..:) check it on my blog here


    1. Thank you SO much!! I appreciate it so much! I will check it out xx

  3. love this room! i'm moving on sunday and haven't got anything ready yet lol woopsy xx

    1. Thank you Helena! Haha! You've got ages still ;) x

  4. Wow look how big your room looks!
    This makes me miss being at uni!

    UK High Street Fashion & Style Blog

    1. Awww, i've been so lucky this year! I imagine i'll miss being here when i leave too! x

  5. I love what you have done to your room, its so cute!!!
    I like the brick walls- very cool/ east london
    Hope you enjoy living there and I look foward to your outfit posts

    1. Thank you Jazz! I really am loving at atm, prob because my lectures haven't started haha! Thank you! Can't wait to have them up! x

  6. I love those London decorations, I've bee looking for some! I've just redecorated my room as well, I'm in need of some trinkets, defo gonna give Primark a go. And I LOVE Channel Orange, Frank is just amazingggg x

    1. Thank you! Primark is the best place for London decorations cheaply atm i think! They've got all sorts for under £10! AHHH isn't it?! It is fantabulous honestly! xx

  7. Absolutely love your room, makes me want to buy some new decorations for mine! As for the mini speaker; great find! I had something like that and it worked really well.

    Can you recommend any Frank Ocean songs? I have yet to give him a proper listen.

    1. Thank you so much!! They are such great ideas i think so you can listen to music without the headphones because that'll be a bit awkward in the shower :') When it comes to Frank Ocean, i would really really recommend listening to Channel Orange, it's honestly the best album i've heard this year, my stand outs are of course 'Thinking About You' 'Crack Rock' 'Sierra Leone' 'Pink Matter' 'Monks' and 'Bad Religion' but others i love are 'Swim Good' 'We All Try' and 'Novacane' from his mixtape Nostalgia Ultra! Have a listen and let me know if you like him :) x

  8. Your room looks great, love the exposed bricks. Had that in my old kitchen and it's what sold me to the house

    Lola x

    1. Thank you so much Lola! I love it too! So simple but it looks so nice! x


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