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Hey everyone!

Back today with a little DIY! I haven't done a DIY post in ages and had some ideas i really wanted to try out! Nothing huge but i thought i'd share anyway!

So while working in the charity shop over Summer i came across a lovely Ralph Lauren Jumper (check out the post here), i got it knowing it was too big but hoping i'd find a way to style it. Having worn it only once (in my post 'Mula') i decided to try and make it more wearable for me. Here's how it went!

  • I started off by putting the jumper on and making a slit at my desired length. I made a rough fold and used safety pins to secure all the way through both sides.

  • I used my hand to make this makeshift pocket tight and just hoped and snipped my way to the end!

  • I wanted the dress to look a bit laid back and distressed so i used some tweezers and pulled the threads where i had cut in all different directions. It took about 45 minutes the whole way round!

  • And that was it! A little jumper dress i thought would look cool with some trainers or Dr Martens. All that's left is to wash it so all the wool isn't leaving a trail everywhere!

Before i left for uni my mum gave me a huge pack of name labels, you know the ones your mum would sew onto your uniform when you were young? I thought i'd attempt to use one to spruce up this PU leather sketchbook.

PU Leather Sketchbook - Wilkinson 

I simply attached each end with a safety pin. I had to be careful as the notebook was pretty hard to get through!

Personalised sketchbook in 2 minutes!

Lastly my new winter coat! After seeing it on Rhea's blog i fell in love and used a 25% off discount i had to welcome it to my wardrobe. It's warm, oversized, sporty and has a cool masculine edge, perfect!

ASOS Textured Longline Coat

Thanks for reading guys and hope you are all well!



  1. That jumper dress looks super cute!!xx

  2. such a cool way to make an oversized jumper look good. love it xx

    Lola xx

  3. the jumper is great!
    well done girl!

  4. Such a nice DIY- will have to try out sometime! Please check out our blog and give us ideas on how to make it better, yours is really good!- just followed you :-)

  5. Love the jumper. guess i'll get my self one soon hah:)

    i have a question day on my blog where friends or unknown people ask me stuff- check it out and ask me anything u wish to know. www.babyshakur.blogspot.com


  6. Great post!!

    Love this DIY really well done !!

    Hope to see you back on mine for a peek :)




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