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Hey guys!

Thought i'd do a little bit of a different post today with a little OOTD followed by a mini recipe because i love cooking and being a student i'm always trying to find new ways to cook cheap but good food because there is little a serious plate of food cannot mend!

Probably because of the 9am start or the grim weather i swayed toward all black again today, almost identical to what i wore in 'It May Be Glamour Life' but i swapped the Converses for my flatforms. Underneath i have two pairs of leggings and a leotard because it's cold and ... (click the dots!)

Jumper - Charity Shop
Topshop Leigh Skinnies
Flatform Plimsolls - New Look

Added my Adidas raincoat for a sporty vibe and to protect from the pending rain.

Adidas Raincoat - Charity Shop

Probably not too 'fashionable' to wear bed socks but i was warm so no1 curr 

Do you guys remember my pineapple necklace?! Well i had to dismantle it because they kept falling off but i had the idea of turning them into earrings! If i do i'll do a DIY post for you all to show you how it goes!

Onto the recipe! Tonight for dinner i had semi-homemade garlic bread and roast chicken.  I thought i'd share how i made the garlic bread as it's a hit with my flatmates and I! All you need is some Ciabatta bread (mine is from Marks and Spencer) butter, garlic bulbs and oregano.

Start off by simply slicing the bread any way you wish.  Make the garlic butter by finely dicing two garlic bulbs and mixing it into two tablespoons of butter.  Then just scoop the butter up and use the back of the spoon to butter the bread. You can sprinkle a little oregano and cheese for flavour if you'd like too!

And that's it! 3 minutes in the oven and you have cheesy garlic bread! It's great to make for friends to share and it's one of my fave things to make nowadays!

That's all from me today guys! I'm off to prepare for a presentation. I think bedtime will go a little like this tonight. No joke!

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P.S: Post title from a collective of young producers and artists that go by the name of Progressive Era, if you like that old school Hip Hop sound definitely check them out:


  1. I love this recipe! I've always been obsessed with garlic bread or anything cheesy. I love the necklace! xx


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