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It's been a while since i've done a 'Now Playing' post but i had to share this AMAZING artist i've recently discovered with you all! I went to see The Strivers Row perform in London on Tuesday with my friend Natalie and it was such a wonderful, moving experience!  Before the show we were treated to some songs by JP Cooper, an acoustic artist from Manchester.  I'd never heard of him or his music before but when he started singing, guys, i saw stars, no lie.  There was complete silence as he started to sing and i actually started crying at the first note (i couldn't deal).  There were no frills, no gimmicks, just him and his guitar and honestly it was beautiful.  I rushed to get his CD afterwards (which is actually his second EP) and haven't stopped listening to it since then!

The Second EP

This has to be one of the most beautiful songs i've heard in a while and my favourite from the EP: 'The Only Reason'.

The only reason God gave me eyes was to see you
The only reason God gave me ears was to hear your voice 

Another one of my favourites is 'Halo.' Apart from his voice (when i watched this performance i almost threw my laptop out of the window in amazement) the message and lyrics are so uplifting!

I've been listening to this performance of 'Oh The Water' non-stop all day.  It's mesmerising.

There are plenty more beautiful performances on his Youtube page, official website and you can listen to & purchase his EP's here!   I hope i can see him live again and i can't wait to hear any new material he has out next year!  It excites me to find new artists, especially British talent!

I'm off to bed equipped with his EP!  Have a listen and see if you like!

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