New In: Brights & Basics

Hey everyone!

Finally another 'New In', it's been ages i know but i haven't really done much shopping recently. I'm on a mission to streamline my wardrobe, i want to have fewer random pieces and create more of a capsule feel with basics and key pieces.  I think a more structured wardrobe and well thought out purchases will be great space & account wise!  I want to try and incorporate more colour, pattern & femininity into my wardrobe and sort out my jewellery to leave a few keys pieces rather than bric a brac from years of hoarding!  With that in mind here are a few things i've bought in the last few days while wandering around my uni town!

The first purchase i blame on the Internet.  I saw a girl on Tumblr wearing this American Apparel version and after finally finding it and realising it was a little out of my price range at the time i forgot about it.  During a session of Topshop browsing i saw this one with a slightly different neckline but £12 cheaper! I'm thinking it would go well with midi skirts, jeans, joggers & dressed up or down.

Open Neck Crop Top - Topshop (£8)

My second basic is also a black cropped tee from Topshop but has a more casual vibe with the unfinished bottom and pinned sleeves. I think it's a more feminine version of all the Men's tee's i have pin rolled the sleeves of (some of which may be going to charity soon!)

Pinned Sleeves Crop Tee - Topshop (£10)

Onto the skirts! I'd usually walk straight past skirts but with my new found wardrobe goals i thought i'd give them a try!  I love the look of midi/tube skirts but being 4'11" i often have trouble with them because the shorter smaller sizes are too tight and the larger sizes that do fit are too long! I was really lucky and found these on a lonely looking sale rail in Primark, they fit just right, are feminine and incorporate colour into my wardrobe!

I actually bought a dress version of this skirt last year (see it here: 'New In: Prints and Perforation') so i was very surprised to see a skirt version again seven months later!  I like the length, print and thought it would go well with my basics! It was £2.

Tropical Mirrored Effect Tube Skirt - Primark (£2)

Striped Tube Skirt - Primark (£5)

Lastly this little Adidas shopper.  I bought this as a new gym bag in Sports Direct for £3 but have started using it for uni as it's strong and the perfect size for my folder.  I got it in black and white for that classic look.

Adidas Shopper - Sports Direct (£3)

That's all i've found recently, i'll start sorting my wardrobe sometime next week! Thanks for reading!



  1. I recently bought the white version of that topshop crop tee, love it! Love the skirts you got aswell :) xx


    1. Ahh cool! I love it and your blog!! Thank you! xx

  2. Love the crop tops and Adidas bag! :)

  3. Oooh great finds! I love the florals and your tops :)

  4. Love the picks especially the tops :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  5. Love the first skirt!!!!

    Kisses, Elly


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