Pop Ya Collar

Hey guys!

How are you all? I haven't been up to much since my last post, i had gymnastics and dance on Wednesday and i've been in pain since so venturing out of my flat has been a struggle!  Today however i decided to go to the market in town to do my weekly food shop and went for lunch with my lovely friend.  I was a bit stuck with what to wear as it was deceptively sunny and still a little icy on the streets.  I went for something simple but tried to add a little detail with this pale yellow shirt.  It was one of my first charity shop purchases and cost me £2, i tend to keep it for formal occasions but thought i'd try and make it more casual today.  I think i'm wearing black too often so i'll make a conscious effort to wear colour next time!

Jumper - Charity Shop
Topshop Leigh Skinnies
Dr Martens Serena Boots - Office
Adidas Shopper - Sports Direct

Shirt - Charity Shop
Necklace - Topshop

I popped into Paperchase and saw this cute little pass carrier for only £4, i thought it would make finding my tickets in my huge bags easier and since coming to uni i've developed a huge soft spot for anything that reminds me of London!

Pass Case - Paperchase (£4)

One of my most exciting purchases has been my new tissue box! I bought it for 60p and almost cried when i saw it because it matched my Primark plaques perfectly and is a nice little addition to the London inspired pieces in my room!

That's all i've been up to today! I'm off to get some frozen yoghurt and chill! Thanks for reading!


P.S: Post title is an Usher classic! Have a listen below (just click the play button!):


  1. Love this outfit , I'd wear it all! Also I loveee paper chase for cute passcases xx

  2. I love that shirt and that necklace! xx

  3. I love your hair! (you're really making me miss my braids haha)and the collar on that blouse is to die for.


    1. Thank you so much Caroline! Haha i miss my braids too!! xx


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