Let's Get Married

Hey guys!

Today i went to the lovely wedding of the student leader at my church here at uni.  It was such a beautiful day for a wedding and everyone was so happy and excited and emotional! I hadn't been to a wedding in years and didn't really feel like i had anything appropriate to wear but i gave it a go! My mum had already lovingly warned me to look 'presentable' haha so i took inspiration from her! I didn't take 'proper' outfit shots but i thought i'd share some my friends had taken for something different to my usual casual looks!

Light Knit & Silver Cuff - H&M
Tropical Print Skirt - Primark
Lunch Bag Clutch - Zara
Shoes - Petit Feet

I bought these shoes a couple of years ago from Petit Feet for about £12.  I bought them because it was around the time all my friends started to get heels but i couldn't find any in my size *tears*. They don't really fit properly but with a few metres of tissue in the front i managed to get them to stay on!

H&M Cuff - £1

Court Shoes (old) - Petit Feet

It's been a lovely day & now i'm off to do some work and listen to old school love songs and smile. I hope you are all well & thanks for reading!

P.S: Post title had to be this Jagged Edge classic right?!


  1. Uh ohhh! Someone's looking absolutely beautiful! Xxx

  2. Love these photos!! you looked wonderful!! x

  3. You look lovely and I love that Jagged Edge tune!! xx

  4. I just followed you, you look amazing. I love that skirt.



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