Run or Fly

Hey everyone!

How are you all? Today has been a busy one for me, i've been running everywhere since i woke up, it's one of those days i wish i could just transform and fly everywhere.  From group meetings to appointments to laundry to cooking and i haven't even started my work yet!  When i woke up this morning it was so sunny (although every time i walk past my window it seems to be a different season) so i took the opportunity to wear my new Puma's.  I wore different shades of blue to compliment the colourway of the trainers and played around with textures combining the thick cable knit jumper with my chiffon American Apparel shirt. I've really been into layering with textures and adding sporty touches to my outfits lately.

Jumper - Vintage Shop
Tartan Chiffon Shirt - American Apparel
Boyfriend Jeans - H&M
Puma Cabana Racer - Sports Direct
Adidas Shopper - Sports Direct

I'm off to do the washing up, bring my laundry in, hoover my room and start on my assignments and revision after i've watched an episode of Revenge of course! 


P.S: Post title today comes from PRO ERA's mixtape PEEP: The aPROcalypse, have a listen below!


  1. Love the knit and the jeans xx

  2. Nice jumper....loove the hair

  3. that jumper looks so warm...love it!

    fikki x


  4. Ahh I love that knit sweater <3

  5. That jumper looks so cosy! x

  6. YAAAS. The jumper, the textures and the colour ways. *Martin Lawrence voice* you go girl!

  7. I need that AA shirt now! I love your chilled style


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