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So it's currently 1:02 am and I’m sat in bed at uni just thinking about all the incredible music I’ve heard this week and how much of an impact music has on how I feel.  Music has always played a big part in my life, my dad loves everything from Jazz to Gangsta Rap, I often catch him in the kitchen singing along to Michael Franks, while my mum keeps it more old school hip shaking to High Life or praising to Gospel.  In my younger years my parents bought me a little Fisher Price tape player which had a little microphone attached to it.  I remember sitting in my room remixing nursery rhymes with the gravelly microphone and record button and feeling so proud with my achievements.  With time my tape player got upgraded to a Walkman then to various mobile phones and now finally my majestic iPod Classic.  Although the formats have changed one thing has remained the same, how the music makes me feel.  From the sheer elation I felt when Aqua released 'Barbie Girl' to the excitement I felt when I saw one of my favourite artists, Kendrick Lamar, walk onto the stage at Electric Ballroom in Camden last year, that feeling I get in my heart is like no other.  One thing that leaves me in awe of music is how it transcends time, language, race, culture etc and ultimately is about how it makes you feel.  It's a form of expression the listener can relate to whether being the grimiest trap beat or smoothest soul symphony.

Music is there when I feel lonely, sad, happy or motivated.  It is like a soundtrack to the movie that is my life.  It holds memories; can transport me to times in my past both happy and sad.  It has this power that amazes me every day.  Since I’ve gotten older I’ve really learnt to appreciate the craft, the production, the lyricism, the visuals etc.  I've really come to admire what it is that people do to provide us with those four (sometimes longer) minutes of beauty.  Whichever genre you're into, however you listen, whenever you listen it means something to you and you are allowed to have your own opinion and form your own relationship with it and it's this that's makes it so special for me.

I could write a book on the way music has featured throughout my life and the reasons why I love it but I really felt it on my heart to write this post and leave you with some of the music I've been listening to this week that has really affected me in one way or another:

'Left & Right' by D'Angelo (Moodprint Remix), the production on this is something else:

'Dreams' by n u a g e s:

'Unforgettable' by Nat King Cole, just listen to what he is saying, so beautiful and romantic:

'Summertime' by Evil Needle, this has an old school jazz vibe that reminds me of my parents:

I'll leave it there because if i include everything I've heard this week this post will never end.  You know what's exciting?

I'm going to discover even more tomorrow.


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