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Hey guys!

Waddup?! It's been absolutely ages since i last blogged! University exams and deadlines have been nearing and consuming my entire life AND THEN on top of it all i broke my laptop by stupidly pouring water on the keyboard *cries* so it has been a stressful few weeks!  I came home for my Easter 'holiday' a week or so ago and luckily was able to get my laptop fixed and finish one essay *dances*  So things have been looking up and i'm back blogging today!

I turned 20 yesterday and spent the daytime eating cake and watching tv (how exciting) but in the evening i headed to Las Iguanas Southbank for a little birthday dinner! I thought i'd share some photos with y'all, my outfit, gifts from my wonderful friends & family and some things i've bought since being back in London.

This year i've been really trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe with key pieces. For my birthday dinner i went for this bright red Mango Blazer, Zara bag (which is actually my mum's) and kept it casual with a plain white tee, jeans & gold jewellery.  

Blazer - Mango
Tee - H&M
Topshop Leigh Jeans
Brown Suede Brogues - Random shop in Dubai
Bag - Zara

My little sister bought me JT's new album! It's so good!

Happy Hour

My best friend bought me these trainers from Zara, I LOVE the colourway! 

I also got a lovely LUSH bath set & MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt

Since being back home i've bought a few random beauty bits & clothes, so here's a mini 'New In':

Clothes & Accessories
Formal Joggers - Zara (£39.99)
Netted Top - H&M (£9.99)
Vest Top Maxi - H&M (£3)
Metallic Clutch - H&M (£3)

Thanks to all my friends & family for a lovely day! And thanks to all of you guys for reading and commenting while i was away, it means a lot!


P.S: Post title is from Justin Timberlake today, from the amazing 20/20 experience!


  1. Aw happy belated birthday Dayo! <3

    XOXO Sade

  2. aw looks like you had an ace time! x

  3. Hapy birthday for yesterday! You lok so pretty in the pictures! Hope your laptop gets fixed x

    1. Aww thank you Debbie! I was so lucky and was able to get it fixed phew! xx

  4. Aww happy belated love! Love the photos xx

  5. Aww you look great! I love those shoes and your hair is so sleek :)

    1. Aww thank you so much Olivia! xx

  6. I love your outfit (: Very fashionable !

  7. I absolutely love your outfit.
    You look gorgeous


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