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Sup everyone!

How are you all?! Thought i'd take a break from revising to do a little casual OOTD.  I didn't get up to much just had a romantic date with the library and Management Finance.  Layered up a random tee I got for a pound in Primark with my favourite charity shop finds, my Calvin Klein Bomber and Adidas Raincoat.  I'm still in love with my Zara trainers my best friend bought me for my birthday they are so comfortable!

I forgot to blow dry my hair (i washed it at 2am and fell asleep whilst plugging the dryer in. thug life.) so i did this bun thing and added these gold hoops i bought for a 90's night at uni.  I tend to wear the same accessories 24/7, 365 days a year but i think i'll look at building my collection, it's nice to switch things up sometimes!

Oh and yet another addition to my Adidas Shopper collection! White and neon pink this time round! I looked like an Adidas ambassador today!

Camo Pocket Tee - Primark (Mens)
Adidas Shopper - Sports Direct
Zara Coloured Trainers

Calvin Klein Bomber - Charity Shop (Mens)

Adidas Raincoat - Charity Shop

Mini Casio
Spike Cuff - H&M
Neon Socks - Primark

I'm off to continue revising and day dreaming about Summer.  Thanks for reading!


P.S: Post title today is from Frank Ocean's mixtape nostalgia, ULTRA., download it here:


  1. Love the Calvin Klein bomber jacket xo

  2. You look great. I can't believe the tee was £1 it's fantastic. Love the layered jackets x

    1. Thank you Jodie! I know! You find some gems in Primark! xx

  3. that calvin klein bomber is such a cool find! love it! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  4. the layered jackets - yes!
    the bun - yes!


  5. I love those earrings and that top! The pocket is a nice touch :)

  6. I actually love the bun! those sneakers are also quite awesome :)


    1. Thank you so much Caroline! xx

  7. great look,love the shoes :)
    would you like to follow each other?


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