Hey guys!

How are you all? It's been a while since my last post, i've finished my second year of university and moved back home to London. I'm chilling for now but hoping to find some things to get involved with this summer to keep me productive and busy (i'm thinking of learning to skateboard, i've located a skate shop and everything, we'll see!)

Today was quite chilled, just headed to the hairdresser and finally got on a bus after weeks (my uni town is so small you don't take transport anywhere, it's weird for a Londoner!). Today i simply paired a jersey and bomber with my Air Force 1's.  I haven't worn them in a good few months as i'm preferring sleeker running trainers but i thought i'd stomp around in them today.  I'm waiting on some trainers at the moment so a 'New In' coming soon!

Jersey - Primark

Bomber Jacket - Primark

Rings - Topshop

Adidas Shopper - Sports Direct

Nike Air Force 1 - Kids Foot Locker

I'm off to try and win this race on Crash Bandicoot,  i keep coming 2nd *cries*.


P.S: Post title from Joey Bada$$, from his 'rejex' mixtape: Have a listen below and see if you like:


  1. LOVE your bomber jacket!!


  2. really cool outfit! Your so lucky you've finished your exams and your now on a long holiday, I have till the end of June *cries* x

    1. Thank you Debbie! Hang in there you can do it! :) x

  3. Amazing bomber jacket. Congratulations on finishing your second year x

  4. your so cool, your so fly ohmy !

    1. Aww :') Thank you so much Nakia! x


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