Sunday Soundtrack #001

Wassup everyone! Say hello to a new installation on my little blog here, my 'Sunday Soundtrack'.  If you've followed my blog for a while or perhaps follow me on Twitter you'll know that aside from fashion (and food) i have another interest/obsessive passion and that is music. Every Sunday i'll be sharing my seven standout tracks/music related videos from the week. They'll range from swing to rap, electronic to jazz, old to new, just a selection of whatever i've been blasting that week.  So presenting this week's 'Sunday Soundtrack', have a listen or watch, zone out or get hyped, it's up to you!

Flying Lotus // Between Friends Instrumental

Kilo Kish // You're Right

Chance the Rapper x Nosaj Thing // Pusha Man (Paranoia) // Songs From Scratch

TLC // No Scrubs (WE SINK Bootleg)

J.Cole // The Making of the Power Trip Instrumental 

Nico Segal // sounds like (Dilla)

Kendrick Lamar // The Heart, Pt 2 (Feat Dash Snow)

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