Pink Matter

Hey guys!

How are you all doing?! Back today with a New In/OOTE, featuring my latest charity shop find.  I love charity shopping, often if i'm just sat at home i'll get up take only a £10 note with me, take the five minute bus to my local high street and work my way through all the rails in all the shops up the street. If you don't mind searching it can be a great way to shop and spend a little less than perhaps going to the high street stores!

On my latest trip i stumbled across this coral/pink blouse, galloped to the changing room, sprinted to the till and home to twirl around in it until the excitement wore off (anyone else do this?). It had it's first outing yesterday night for my friends 21st birthday, i paired it with my mums leggings (as it has massive slit up the back) and opted for my white Reebok's in the end having missed my bus and refusing to power walk/run to the station in heels. I hope to conquer this heels thing or find a pair that actually fit but until then pass me some trainers and let me glide down the pavement with ease and ankles intact.

Blouse - Charity Shop (£4.50)
Reebok Freestyle Hi - Sports Direct

Midi Rings - H&M
Bracelet - Mum's

That was it for the night! I'm definitely warming toward dresses and skirts and loving adding more feminine things to my wardrobe and styling them in ways that i'm comfortable with. Personal style is so cool to me because a few years ago i would've never worn a dress or pink or shopped in charity stores! We are always changing! I wonder how i'll be dressing in another five years, we'll see!


P.S: Post title today from Frank Ocean's 'Channel Orange' this one features Andre 3000 & Big Boi:


  1. Omg that is beautiful!!!! You look soo good xx

  2. you look so cool, love that you wore as a dress instead.


  3. I love how the color looks on your skintone!


  4. You look awesomeeeeee! amazing thrift find x

  5. Love how oversized the blouse is, makes a great dress! x


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