New In: Carlotta & Cassettes

Hey guys!

How are you all doing?! I thought today i'd share the few things i've picked up since my last 'New In' way back in August (you can check it out here).  The first is a new coat! I remember around this time last year posting about my ASOS textured 'long bomber' coat (as i like to call it) and as much as i love it i really wanted a serious 'go out and brave the English weather' winter coat. I set some criteria for the coat before i started searching, i wanted something oversized, a bit thuggish yet feminine looking, brightly coloured and with a LL Cool J in the 'All I Have' video type hood (see the link for reference!)

I stumbled across Monki's 'Carlotta' parka after a few days searching and dashed to the Carnaby Street Store after work one evening to try it on and with a great deal of help by the way of my friend Nat, Whatsapp (and changing room mirrors)  i decided the 'Carlotta' would be my 2013/14 winter coat! I've been really loving it, the colour, the removable features, quilted interior and of course the oversized hood! The only thing i would say is that the white hood does discolour after a few wears (nothing serious) and it is quite long for us vertically challenged peeps (i got a XS in the end which is a tad long but manageable).

'Carlotta' Parka - Monki (£70)

As most of you know i'm currently interning at CLEO B, a footwear and accessory brand based in Notting Hill. My favourite CLEO B collection so far is 'It's Like That' for SS12 which was inspired by Hip Hop, in particular Run DMC (my type of collection!) Knowing my love for music (i've always got my headphones on in the studio) Cleo kindly gifted me a pair of gold cassette shoe clips & one of our new Oyster card cases (the Hip Hop classics one of course!)

CLEO B Cassette Shoe Clips

CLEO B Travel Card Holder

That's been it for the new picks! I'm off to watch Scandal and eat some ice cream *shakes body*



Thank you for checking out and commenting on my little blog!