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Hey guys!

How are you all doing?! A bit of a different and long(ish) post today - so last weekend i took a look back through the archive of my blog and was both amused and encouraged by what i read. I remember starting this blog having returned to University for my second term in first year. The first term hadn't been the smoothest, i felt displaced, lonely and overwhelmed and thought creating a blog would be a fun hobby to start and keep me busy.  One cool thing about blogging/blogs to me are that no two are exactly the same. We are all so different and unique and personal style blogging appealed to me because it showcased individuality and personality in people and encouraged me to embrace my own. Looking back at my older posts i feel as though i put a lot more personality into them as i honestly didn't really think anyone would read my blog and i wasn't concerned about the 'blogger conventions' if you like.  At the end of the day not even knowing about marketing opportunities, advertising, sponsorship, events, popularity, collaborations and the like, i created STYLISH WHISPERS as a challenge and creative outlet for a shy, sometimes unsure of herself, 18 year old interested in fashion and music. I'll admit at times i find myself not posting because the photos aren't perfect, or not writing something in case it suggests i'm anything other than happy or doesn't fit into my blogging 'routine' but really and truly is it all that serious?

I'm realising it's easy sometimes to forget how far you've come looking at how far you still have to go but it's important to sometimes stop and acknowledge your progress shake your body a little in celebration and get back to work. With all that being said i thought i'd do a little 'a week in photos/OOTD's/update/what i get up to as an intern' post this week to switch it up and share a little more with you all about myself as Temi the now less shy, more outgoing, more confident and (most of the time) sure of herself, 20 year old still interested in fashion and music just figuring it all out as i go along!

The Struggle

Head to toe in my mum's old clothes 

Social media planning! Giving people a sneak peek of a style from the new collection. 

I've been wearing these so much recently! My mum's old Clark's boots.

Couldn't stop listening to this track this week! On one of my journeys to drop press samples.
 I'm always discovering new parts of London!

Leather cutting in Dalston

My Monki 'Carlotta'  has saved my ears on a number of occasions during the pitch black commute home. Why does it get dark at 4pm? Why is it so cold?
i dunno

OOTE - 'Before Bed' #100swags #versaceversace #fabulous #fashionkilla #styling

London really is beautiful at night

That's all i've been up to this week! If you are a regular reader, or if you just stumbled across my blog i want to say thank you for reading. I really do appreciate it! You can find me on Twitter, check out my Tumblr or drop me an email too! Until the next post guys!

P.S: Post title today from Hawk House, a track off their amazing mixtape 'A Little More Elbow Room', have a listen and click the link to download!


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    1. Hey Matilda! Nope i'm not a designer :) I'm currently doing an PR/Marketing internship with a shoe and accessory designer x

  2. I always like seeing why people started their blogs, and you're right - I don't think it's that serious, it should be fun really!

    Loving all your OOTD's, your style is so cool!

    1. Very true it should always be fun first! Thank you so much! x


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