Sunday Soundtrack #008

Hello everyone!

Returning with another Sunday Soundtrack today! Been really excited by the music i've been hearing and artists i've been discovering lately! Have a listen to the 7 tracks that i've been loving this week and see what you think! Remember to share what you like, check out and support the artists!

Laura Mvula // She

Iman Omari // My Art

Mick Jenkins is one of my stand out artists of 2013.  For me his 'Trees & Truths' mixtape is one of the best hip hop tapes i've heard this year.  The production, his flow, the lyricism, the concept, i think it's such a well thought out project cover to cover. It's such a shame i've seen him tweet that his next mixtape may well be his last as he can't afford to rap anymore. Kind of makes me wonder about the industry and talent but hey. I'd really encourage you to check out his previous 'The Pursuit of Happyness' tape as well, it's been on repeat since i got it last week.  Check out the visuals to one of my favourites on Trees & Truths, 'The Roots'.

Melodiesinfonie // prewinterfeeling

MoRuf is another artist i'm so glad i discovered! He recently released 'Shades.Of.Moo' and it may well be my favourite mixtape of the year so far. I really love the mellow jazzy production, his use of samples and inserts throughout, his honesty and the fluidity of it all. I don't feel like he was trying to adhere to a certain structure or plan when he created the tape, it's just based on life which makes for interesting listening. These are the visuals for a track off the tape which makes my heart happy, 'Rest Well'.

CJ Fly ft Dessy Hinds, Chelsea Reject & T'nah Apex // Thee Hesiiist 

S.Fidelity & Unda // Querbeet

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