Sunday Soundtrack #009

Hey guys!

First off i'd just like to say a huge thank you Rebekah for featuring STYLISH WHISPERS in her 'What I'm Loving - Blog Edition' post over at her blog 'All Things Zion', if you like my posts you'll love hers so be sure to check it out! So something i love to do in my free time is grab my laptop, iPod and headphones and trawl through the internet for any new releases, upcoming artists and producers. I download everything i find onto my iPod and have little listening sessions in the dead of night or during my 1 and a half hour commute to and from work. I find that very first listen of any song/project really exciting because, like watching a film for the very first time, you have no idea what's coming. From the lyrics, to the beats, the samples to the features it's all new, so you can't sing/rap/shout along, you can't anticipate the beat drops or the switch ups you just have to listen. I really like the excitement that comes with it all but perhaps it's just me! But hey with all that being said, here are the six tracks i've been loving this week. Have a listen and create your own 'first play' memories as i like to call them.

Vic Mensa ft Chance The Rapper // Suitcase

Ghostpoet // Cash and Carry Me Home

Cortex // Huit Octobre 1971

Hugh Masekela // Mandela (Bring Him Back Home)

Hugh Masekela is one of my mum's favourite jazz artists, in our house you can often hear the jazz sax floating through the rooms followed by my mum dancing and getting us all to join in. I always remember liking this song but since researching the history of it i've come to appreciate it even more, it's an example of how powerful music can be.

Childish Gambino // telegraph ave.


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