Sunday Soundtrack #010

Hey everyone!

I'm back today with another Sunday Soundtrack! It's been ages since my last one and I really felt like sharing some of the new artists and producers I've been loving listening to and some old songs that really made me smile this week!

First up is an artist I discovered on Bandcamp a few weeks ago, Ego Ella May. Her voice is incredible and her EP's 'The Tree' and 'Breathing Underwater' are some of the most exciting projects I've heard this year so far. What I love about her is the transporting quality of the music she makes. It's music that takes you to a totally different world, if you let it, my favourite kind. Have a listen, be amazed and download both EP's here.

Ego Ella May // Breathing Underwater EP

Another artist I'm loving at the moment is Little Simz. I was listening to Soulection's Radio Show a few weeks ago at work and she was a guest on it and I literally flew home to download everything I could find from her. The track that really stood out to me during the show was 'Mandarin Oranges' which features a rapper I've featured on a previous Sunday Soundtrack, Waldo. She recently released Part 2 of that track and I haven't stopped listening to it since, that beautiful production and her flow as well, just wonderful.

Little Simz // Mandarin Oranges Part 2

Sway // Little Derek

This next track is probably one of my most loved songs of all time. It reminds me of secondary school, Walkman phones, Grime music, MTV Base, Just Do It bags, just all those great early 2000 London memories. My dad used to play this everyday on the way to school and we still rap along to it now.

Jo Def // Body Call

Shanks & Bigfoot // Sweet Like Chocolate

Oh! Another forever favourite! I remember running downstairs to watch the video every time it came on, it was one of the best at the time! It's that finest old school UK garage that makes your heart happy.

Koetry // Feels Like


And lastly a new mix by London-based FAITH. Her previous 'FOURTEEN' and 'RICH DECEMBER' mixes are some of my favourite on my iPod and this new one doesn't disappoint. She has just become a member of Soulection and I can't wait to hear more from her!

And that's it for my latest Sunday Soundtrack! Give it a listen, see what you like/dislike, share your faves, support the artists and keep groovin' guys!


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