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Hey guys!

How are you all doing? It's such a lovely day here in London, I've got some De La Soul blasting and a bowl of peanut butter filled pretzel bites to my left so I'm feeling pretty content right now! I thought today I'd share the few things I've bought since my last 'New In' post! I've done a massive clear out of my wardrobe and I'm slowly trying to save and consciously rebuild it again with a lot more thought and control, but we'll see how that goes!

First up is a new handbag, finally! You guys will know I've been championing the £3.99 Adidas shoppers for ages now but I decided to retire them for daily use and find something similar but a little more sleek. I still wanted a large shopper bag, as I'm a fan of no faff, dash everything in and go bags and was so pleased to find this reasonably priced one on the Zara website. I found it in their TRF section, which I'm led to believe is the cheaper range for younger women, I think! I often find myself browsing the TRF section for smaller sized shoes and would definitely recommend checking it out for (sometimes) cheaper alternatives to their main range! I'm pretty happy with it, the only thing I would say is that the hardware is not black as pictured online, but it's something I could overlook!

Tote Bag - Zara TRF (£25.99)

Next up are these boots that I've instagrammed before but not yet featured on the blog. I actually got these late last year while doing the Christmas food shopping in Tesco. Our local one has a really small clothing section and I found this one pair on the floor with a huge 50% off sticker on them and although I'm not a really a heel wearer and they were a smidge too big (which is nothing new when it comes to me and shoes) I thought I'd give them a go! I've worn them once to work and thought I'd have to be flown home by air ambulance, it. was. so. painful. but I've had two months to get over my ordeal and may give them a try again, one day.

Boots - Tesco (£12)

And finally a new purse! As most of you will know, I'm currently working at luxury shoe and accessory brand CLEO B here in London for my placement year at university so when the time came to replace my battered six year old purse I had to opt for the 'Cassette Wallet' from Cleo's 80's hip hop inspired SS12 collection. I love the colours, gold detailing and of course the laser Run-DMC cassette exterior and it matches perfectly with my cassette shoe clips and travel card holder (which I wrote about here!) I've only got about two months left at CLEO B which is so sad but it's definitely been such a great experience!

Sucker M.C's Cassette Wallet - CLEO B

And that's all I've picked up recently! I'm now going to start saving for some black jeans, basics and maybe another pair of trainers! I'm off to refill this pretzel bowl and get some portfolio work done. Thanks for reading guys!

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  1. Love your bag & I can't believe your boots were only £12 from Tesco!! Such a bargain xoxo


  2. oooo lovely bits - that bag <3

  3. Good stuff!! Love the bag.


  4. Need a new bag myself, I love this one!

  5. Yuuum peanut butter...my fave!! Love your new purchases love :)


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