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Hey guys!

I hope you are all well! It's been a while since my last post (I said that last time haha) I've been busy working, living life and figuring out what I'm doing with it next! On Wednesday I finished work a little earlier and managed to get home while there was still light so I thought I'd grab my camera and do a little OOTD of what I wore to work.

So, it's widely documented on this little blog that comfort is always the main influence for me when it comes to my personal style because, to be honest, I just can't be bothered with faff and fancy on a daily basis.  I'm a huge fan of trousers, jeans and any garment that allows me sprint for transport, so irrationally I always wrote skirts and dresses out of the equation. Since I started blogging 3 years ago, following other blogs and growing older I've realised that I'm becoming more confident when it comes to trying new things when it comes to my personal style and life too!

With that being said a few weeks ago I headed to my local H&M for a little browse and ended up with this lace detailed cami dress, kind of reminiscent of the lingerie as outerwear pieces that were everywhere a while back. I really loved it (and the £10 sale tag!) and decided to try it out as a skirt for the warmer weather we had in London. Inspired by Jen of Jen Electro I paired it simply with my Superstars, a crop tee and my Dad's old suede jacket which I'm loving at the moment!

Dress - H&M (Sale)
Tee - Primark
Jacket - Next (Old)
Bag - ZARA
Adidas Superstar (Kids) - Schuh

That's all from me outfit wise! I'm learning to try new things, be more confident and have more fun not just when it comes to my personal style but with life too! Thanks for reading guys, it means a lot!

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P.S: Post title today is an oldie from Wale's Mixtape 'The Eleven One Eleven Theory'!


  1. it looks super nice , I bought one myself its a really good layering piece

    --- http://kivnow.blogspot.com/

  2. wow!
    really cute piece!!


  3. awww I inspired you *blushes*
    love the delicate cami dress paired with kicks x

    1. :) you did Jen! Thank you so much! x


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