Sunday Soundtrack #011

Hey guys!

How are you all doing!? I'm back today with a Sunday Soundtrack! I've now finished my internship year at CLEO B (sad times) and have spent a lot of my newly free time trying to get back into my music! I also took my searching to the charity shops for the first time and was ecstatic with my finds! I'd really recommend checking out your local charity shops if you've got a spare afternoon free, the searching is sometimes worth it!

Last Week's Finds!

Aside from my new physical finds I've been discovering some new faves on the good old internet and thought I'd share just some of them with you all this lovely sunny evening in London!

R.Kelly - Ignition // Fingalick's Clyde Rerub

Nick Brewer (ft Little Simz) // The Drop 

This next one is a current favourite from Nick Brewer featuring an artist I raved about in my last Sunday Soundtrack, Little Simz. This track is one from his upcoming EP, 'Four Miles Further' and I just love it. The smooth jazzy instrumental coupled with Nick's flow and then Little Simz on top of it all, it's just perfect, so perfect. His previous offering 'Flat 10' was on repeat for a few days and I'm sure I'll do the same with his next one from tomorrow!

Hawk House // Chill Pill

Next up is one from my favourites at the moment, Hawk House. I shouted when I first listened to this guys, I just shouted in my room, that's how much I loved it. Their lyricism stood out to me on their previous tape 'A Little More Elbow Room' (which was one my favourites from 2013, download it here) and they've brought it right back on this track. I cannot wait for their new EP 'A Handshake To the Brain' which is out on June 23rd.

Sheik // Sing A Long (Sheik Bass Edit)

I think I listen to this at least twice everyday. Hypest hype with this one! Click play, vibe along and check out Sheik's Soundcloud for more!

Jamiroquai // Space Cowboy

TEK.LUN // That's What Makes it Hip Hop

Jill Scott - It's Love // (Kaytranada Edition)

And that's it for this Sunday Soundtrack! Have a listen guys, see what you like/dislike, share the music, support the artists and keep it funky!


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